Release the death grip on reality for a weekend interlude of discord, discovery, and Dystopia. From the crumbling end times of Gibson, to the forbidden emotions of Prozium we call those that feast on the darkness, for an event celebrating the dark dreams of pasts grown twisted and futures gone terribly awry. Shows and bands verging from the strange to the mad, sinister clubs, parties, the infamous Black Market, and the Dystopian fashion show.

This event takes its roots from the dystopian literature and film, from the societal rebels of Clockwork Orange, Equilibrium, and V for Vendetta to the post apocalyptic settings of Mad Max, Blade Runner, and Dark City.

This proposed theme for Convergence 15 is coalesced out of the nightmare melting pot of fiction. Ranging from the social commentary of George Orwell, William Gibson, and Neil Stephenson, to the dreams of the mad architects of societies future, Logans Run, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World, with a synthesis of the human and the cybernetic and the modern with the historic. Please come and enjoy the gathering of the dark minded, the prognosticators, and the strange for an event blending the incipient now with tomorrow’s parties.