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Why Portland?

Portland Proposal for Convergence 13

by “Damien”

Event Date: May 25-27, 2007



The sun has set on another day in the City of Roses, and you’ve played well after dark. But even as the Sandman kisses you goodnight, you know there is no rest for the wicked. In the land of Dream you’re transported to another time and place, a time of top hats and capes, silk and satin, ornate neo-Gothic architecture, curiosity, invention, and industry. And something else, profoundly unexpected...

Welcome to the Portland, Oregon Convergence 13 Proposal.

Let us entice you with our vision for the thirteenth anniversary of Convergence!

Our Dark Victorian Dream will engage and amuse; an intoxicating blend of nostalgic tradition and enticing new delights, an assemblage of activities and events inspired by Portland’s rich culture, history, gardens and scenery. We hold dearly that Convergence is first and foremost a social gathering: we will have parties and scheduled events galore, but leisure-time aplenty is also for you and your friends to relax and catch up, and to tour the many wonderful sights that are unique to our region.

For our proposal, we pay homage to Convergence past, taking notes and collecting advice from many of those before us. We hope to honor Convergence this year by bringing you the best our city has to offer. We invite you to spend a few moments with as we describe Portland’s potential for one of the most memorable Convergences ever.

What is Convergence?

Convergence is headed toward its thirteenth year, yet this question is still universally addressed by almost every Convergence proposal committee. Defining Convergence has become an annual ritual; it reaffirms the proposal committees are aware and focused on not just what they’re doing - but why they’re doing it.

Convergence is Alt.gothic news group’s North American Net.Goth annual congregation. A not-for-profit event benefiting the people who make use the Alt.Gothic group, Convergence is affiliated with numerous other online forums, newsgroups, and e-mail lists. The event is a continuous three-day and three-night dark festivity, and an opportunity for friends both old and new to come together.

Convergence proposal committees are conscientious of the purpose of the event. Convergence is about people, and we’ll never forget that our reason for being is you, our guests. Portland hopes to honor Convergence 13 with all it has to offer. Our primary role will be your gracious host, taking extra measure to ensure your visit here is both pleasurable and memorable. We will coordinate compelling events and engaging activities and be attentive to your desires at all times.

Every year, past attendees and folks who register with vote to determine where the next Convergence will take place. Details of the voting process are posted on the website, as well as in the altgothic and alt.gothic.convergence newsgroups. Please vote – if you need to register, the deadline is for mail-in registration is 0:00EST 03/01/2006 and ends 0:00EST 04/05/2006. Convergence voting begins 0:00EST 04/05/2006 and ends 0:00EST 04/12/2006.