Ticket prices are $55 US each!

Online ticket sales has ended.

C10 tickets will be available in Chicago at cool clothing emporium 99th Floor (3406 N. Halsted Street/at Roscoe St.), Black Market Chicago and 'The VISION THING' on Thursday night. Before going to 99th Floor to get tickets, it might be wise to give them a call (they are open odd hours sometimes): 773-348-7781. In person tickets must be paid for in cash or with a money order made out exactly to: Convergence 10. To reiterate, a "ticket" is actually more of a receipt; you exchange it at the Meet and Greet (or at Metro; more info on this soon!) for a laminate. It is the laminate that gets you into all of the official C10 events. Thanks!

AND we will now offer tickets at the door of Metro: Friday and Saturday- $25.00 each night; Sunday- $20.00. Remember if paying at the door you do not get a laminate, goodie bag, or t-shirt.

This may seem long, but it's all crucial to our ticketing process, so please read through it thoroughly before purchasing your ticket(s). Please help us keep things running smoothly by doing things the way we're asking.

Preferred method of ticket purchase is through PayPal via this page.*

Once you purchase your ticket, PayPal issues an email receipt and creates a payment detail entry in your account. The transaction is assigned an ID number, displayed like this:

Transaction Details
[VENDOR] Payment Sent (ID # 0N340879GJ304473C)

This ID number is your Ticket ID#, and along with your Ticket and Photo ID, are what will get you your laminate at C10, and the laminate is what gets you in.


1] Purchase your ticket via PayPal.*

2] Print out your emailed receipt that PayPal will send you. If you don't receive an emailed receipt, log in to your PayPal account, click the "details" link to the right of your ticket payment entry on the My Account >> Overview >> Recent Activity page, and print out the Transaction Details page. In other words, print out something with the ID # on it.**

3] You will also recieve a link to the ticket PDF. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it, which is available for free from Adobe.com (and which you very likely already have installed). Print out your ticket.**

4] Come to C10 with your ID, your PayPal receipt with ID#, and your ticket.

* If you don't have a PayPal account, you can open one for free at http://www.paypal.com. If you don't have one because you don't WANT one, you can snail-mail a money order to:

Convergence 10
(c/o American Gothic Productions)
PMB 258, 2506 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60614 U.S.A.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. You will be snail-mailed a Ticket ID# and Ticket.
If paying via money order, please include with your payment: real name, snail mail address, net.handle or nickname and the payment.

** If you don't have a printer or are otherwise unable to print your PayPal receipt and/or ticket, please email c10payments@sbcglobal.net and let us know so that we can make arrangements for you.


You will not be issued a laminate without your ID, Ticket ID#, and Ticket.

You will be able to write your own preferred name, net.goth handle, or whatever you want on your laminate when you pick it up.

If you're having a problem getting/printing your Ticket or Ticket ID#, the time to address that is IMMEDIATELY by contacting us at c10payments@sbcglobal.net, as we will be unable to correct ticket problems at C10 itself.

You will not be able to pick up other people's laminates for them.

Ticket ID#'s are non-transferable; you can't give yours to a friend.

If the name on your PayPal account differs from the name on your ID, YOU MUST NOTE THAT IN THE "NOTE" SECTION OF YOUR PAYMENT PAGE. If you forget to do that, email us at c10payments@sbcglobal.net and let us know. We'll confirm it via your PayPal email address.

If you are purchasing multiple tickets, you must provide the names as they appear on each person's ID in the "Notes" section of your payment page. If you forget to do that, email us at c10payments@sbcglobal.net and let us know. We'll confirm it via your PayPal email address. You will all share the same Ticket ID#.

Each Ticket ID# that is generated will be assigned to a specific person [or group of people in the case of multiple ticket purchases on one PayPal account]. This system will eliminate counterfeiting Ticket ID #s, as each officially assigned number will be unique to the person it's been assigned to.

To be clear: Bringing a printed Ticket by itself will not get you a laminate. You MUST have a Ticket ID#, and it must match the name on your ID, and the name in our database.


If you find that you cannot attend C10 after you purchase your ticket, you may request a refund up until April 30. Refund requests after May 1 will not be considered. Please allow up to 30 days after C10 for PayPal refunds; 60 days for snail-mailed refunds.


With the history of Convergence and the excitement and interest that this year's event is generating, we advise people not to wait until the last minute to purchase tickets, as the likelihood of this event selling out is very high.


Now that you've read the above, all you have to do is purchase your tickets!


Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Convergence in style!
All proceeds made from sales from the C10 Chicago CafePress store go directly to fund the event, so buy stuff and show your support (and excellent taste)! And if you have them shipped home now, you'll have them in time for the event. But if you're worried you don't see your favorite color shirt (black) don't worry! Black t-shirts will be on sale at the event!


If you had trouble printing your ticket, try accessing it directly HERE.

Printing note: When you open a PDF in a browser, there's sometimes something wonky between the browser and the print icon. It's been like this for years, especially if you have a postscript printer, like most universities and companies. Try to print using the printer icon next the the save icon (floppy disk) on the adobe toolbar. You can also save the file to disk and then print it in adobe.


Check who is coming at the Roll Call area :)