Over the years, several people have inquired about special services, accommodations and interests. Below is our attempt to address some of these questions.


We are aware of past concerns over wheelchair accessibility and are mindful of this as we select venues/hotels and event locations. The venue we are considering has had "wheel chair goths" attend shows in the past and the staff of the Metro has made every effort to accommodate these patrons.


In the past, many potential attendees have had to forsake their Convergence plans due to family concerns. We hope to help alleviate this by suggesting alternate hotel accommodation with in house childcare services. Our first choice hotel, The Congress Plaza Hotel allows Children under 18 to stay for Free.

In addition to offering suggestions for agencies that provide hotel-site child care, such as North Shore Nannies. Depending on the response, we would also like to have an alt.gothic.parenting outing. Many of the children's attractions around Chicago are free. We plan on posting a number of suggestions for Parent goth outings.


All of the official events that we are proposing are at least 18+ events. All of the proposed daytime activities are all ages. The Cabaret Metro is a bonafide 18+ venue with a late cabaret license. We've held many successful 18+ and all ages events in the past at the Cabaret Metro, and have a long established relationship with the owner.


No need to snack on bread and salads all weekend. The Belmont/Clark area has many excellent veggie/vegan friendly restaurants within walking distance.


The Belmont/Clark vicinity is also home to the Gay & Lesbian community which is a friendly neighborhood where freedom of expression reigns and where all can feel comfortable. Browse the shops up and down Broadway or Halsted and enjoy the atmosphere of this little community. The Gay & Lesbians Chamber of Commerce is a good starting point for information.


The C10 Chicago Proposal Committee is dedicated to making Convergence as inexpensive as possible should we win the vote. Convergence is particularly expensive for our overseas friends. We hope to alleviate unnecessary costs by providing "insider's advice" and how to save money like a Chicagoan. We've added a thrifty goth section that covers phone cards (A must for calling overseas inexpensively), free tours etc…

We are also happy to provide cultural pointers on the bizarre custom of tipping, where you can go to find 80 different types of ale, how to deal with monochromatic currency, or even watch your favourite [sic] football team.


A goal for the Chicago Proposal is to keep costs down to a minimum without sacrificing quality and fun. We've added a short list of free and inexpensive things to do around Chicago, as well as provide some small tips on saving money in Chicago. Our Ghoulie Guides are our way of inviting Convergence attendees to use the fast, efficient and inexpensive public transportation.