Convergence I: Chicago, June 23-24 1995

Committee: GothPat, Heather Spear, CK Derrick, Paul Rice and Aaron Wooster. Bands/DJs: Arcanta, The Machine in the Garden, Seraphim Gothique, Sunshine Blind, The Wake, Garden of Dreams, Trance to the Sun, Lestat, Mephisto Walz, Lycia, Scary Lady Sarah and Brad (section25-Rhode Island DJ); MC: Petro.

Convergence II: Boston, August 9-11 1996

Committee: Cusraque, dyadic/bnjmn and purp; Bands/DJs: Johnny Indovina of Human Drama, Switchblade Symphony, Sunshine Blind, Valor's Christian Death, You Shriek, One of Us, Chris Ewan and arcanus.

Convergence III: San Francisco, August 1-3 1997

Bands/DJs: Battery, This Ascension, Sub Version, Kill Sister Kill, Darkling Thrush, Seraphim Gothique, The Razor Skyline and Wench.

Convergence IV: Toronto, August 21-23 1998

Committee: Matt Ardill and Siani Evans; Sheryl Kirby, Greg Clow, Siobhan NiLoughlin and Charlotte Ashley; Bands/DJs: Faith and the Muse, Rhea's Obsession, The Changelings, My Scarlet Life, An April March, Masochistic Religion and DJs Marylace, Greg Clow, Mike Salo, LadyBee, Lord Pale, Antithesis and Tapestry.

Convergence V: New Orleans, April 2-4 1999

Committee: Heather Spear, G.E. Addams, Misha Sand, Harry Konidisiotis, Connor Preciado and Robert Tritthardt; Bands/DJs: New Dawn Fades, Falling Janus, Cut.Rate.Box, Ex Voto, The Cruxshadows, Mentallo and the Fixer, Clan of Xymox, LadyBee, Sexbat, Fross and Scary Lady Sarah.

Convergence VI: Seattle, May 26-29 2000

Committee: Jilli, Pan Satyricon, Vomvamuse, Josie Nutter, violet weary, Fluke, Midnyte, Cerberus, The Mysterious Voice and wendolen; Bands: Attrition, Trance to the Sun, Unto Ashes, Faith and Disease, Voltaire, Peter Murphy, Slowdive, Hana Solo, Mistress Catherinna, Scary Lady Sarah, Fross, Batty, Arcanus and Macross; MC: Voltaire.

Convergence VII: New York City, August 17-19 2001

Committee: Angel Butts, Batty, Bloodlotus, Bob Westphal, Carrie Carolin, Carrie Laben, Carrin Welch, Claire Archer, Clifford Low, Daednu, David Hogan, Dragon Edward Garou, Joseph Max, Lainie Peterson, Miguel Fernanadez, Todd Zino and Trystan L Bass; Bands/DJs: Coil, Clair Voyant, The Mirror Reveals, Snog, Deep Red, Neurepublik, Anathema Device, Curse, Otto's Daughter and St. Eve.

Convergence VIII: Montreal May 31-June 2 2002

Committee: Casper, Rachel, Uriel and Siobhán; Bands/DJs: Bella Morte, This Ascension, CMAFA(wTwatsadatw), Bordello, Chaos Engine, Swarf, Sexbat, Fross Scary Lady Sarah and Doc Pain.

Convergence IX : Las Vegas, April 25-28 2003

Committee : Laura (spacekadt), Éilis Corum-Peale, Duane, CarrieMonster, Thom Truelove, Trid, Crystal Blu, Purple Heather, Russel Scott, and Josie Nutter Bands: Boole, The Last Dance, Reverb TV, Babylonian Tiles, Frankenstein, Android Lust DJs : Mistress Catherinna (Seattle), Ian Nothing (NYC), Andy Dean (Bella Morte), Fross (UK), Macross (IPM Radio), TheOneBob (The Shape of Things to Come Radio), Spinmistress Batty (Cleveland), Bractune (Los Angeles), Shok (Los Angeles), Sexbat (UK), Scary Lady Sarah (Chicago)