Committee Members:


Scary Lady Sarah (co-chair)

Scary Lady Sarah, a life-long Chicagoan, had her first DJ experience way back in 1986 as co-host of a weekly college radio program ("Night Shift"). Her career as a club DJ started shortly afterwards when she co-founded the 15-year & counting Goth club event, Nocturna, in 1988. Since then she has been a featured DJ at some of the most prestigous Goth events in the world, including: Convergences I (which she was also an original committee member of), V, VI, VIII & IX (also attending Convergence IV);the "C7 Rescue" Saturday night event in NYC; several times at the U.K.'s Whitby Gothic Weekend festivals; the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany; the Jungle Club in Rome; at other large-scale Goth festivals throughout England & North America and has also guest DJed gigs in over 26 states. Aside from being a DJ, Scary Lady Sarah has presented hundreds of live bands in Chicago, along with the fabulous "A Gothic Affair" parties, the weekly fetish club event Whiplash, the new Noctronica weekly event and the yearly winter festival "Saturnalia", now in its fifth year.

You can find SLS online at alt.gothic,, ChiGoth, ChicagoElectro, Friendster & various other mailing lists. Her web site is:

Email Scary Lady Sarah if you are a band or DJ interested in performing at C10 and/or if you are interested in vending:

Sarah's work as a DJ & the events presented by her company American Gothic Productions are an expression of her undying passion for dark music & its surrounding culture. This year brings the start of Sarah's newest and most ambitious ventures yet, including co-running a record label and splitting her living time between Chicago and Berlin with her beau, Justin, not to mention hopefully getting to help bring the great Convergence 10 festival to Chicago along with the rest of the wonderful Chicago C10 committee!

The Evil Chemist/JV (co-chair)

JV, aka, "The Evil Chemist", a physical chemist by trade & life long Chicagoan, has been a regular on a.g. since 1994 and a semi-regular on a.g.f since 1996. He can also be found on LiveJournal, Friendster,Corpgoth, Chigoth, and numerous regional/(inter)national/special interest mailing lists.

JV has attended 7 of the past 9 convergence. As an avid traveler, jv has attended dark-alternative nights/events in over 40 cities and 10 countries including; many Whitby Gothic Weekends, Hallowmas, Saturnalia I-IV, Electrofest, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and numerous musical festivals and gigs across the US, Canada & Europe.

He has contributed to the production of many Chicago area concerts & events, including the Saturnalia festivals,as well as provided financial support for local area artists. He brings forth to the table his experiences with national and international travel and accommodations when attending such events.

Email JV about travel/hotel information/questions:

DJ CarrieMonster

A veteran of the Chicago Gothic scene, CarrieMonster has been a DJ here for the past 10 years. She has successfully run several club nights including Morphea at neo, Hex at 950, (latter revived at the mutiny) and a few others. She has also made numerous guest spots locally and through out the nation. Currently her main focus is on live music and runs half of Heresy Productions Chicago.

CarrieMonster has MCd and DJed at gothcon 2000, 2001 and 2002 and also at Saturnalia 2,3 and 4. Was the DJ coordinator for c9 in las vegas and attended c1.

CarrieMonster is an live journal junkie, occasionally posts on A.G. and A.G.F. and belongs to numerous local and worldwide mailing lists. Chicago's original glam goth states that pink is the new black!

Email CarrieMonster about the fashion show and meet-n-greet opportunities:

Jamey Brumfield (aka JameyB or CountessZeroVon23)
and David Birdwell (aka DavidB or HeyDave42)

Online as since Halloween night, 1996 (but during the day they are at their web development and desktop publishing company Most recent online projects include: (send spooky and sarcastic e-cards), (spooky stuff for spooky people) and designing for

Back in 1989 they hosted an annual birthday party, "The Funeral Party", which lasted for 10 years in and around Chicago with attendees from as far as Australia. This involved coordination and planning for a weekend full of events and places to see in Chicago - from ghost tours to Dracula dinners to glow-in-the-dark bowling!

They attended both C4 and C9 (missed C1 - they had just moved to Chicago!). Both JameyB and DavidB subscribe to many local and national mailing lists and lurk on alt.gothic. Spending way too many hours online and are just finding the joy that is live journal. Maybe you've seen them online or in person - almost always with a camera!

Email JameyB about volunteering to help out with C10 tasks/events:
or Email DavidB about the event booklet and official C10 art submissions:

Chad Savage (aka Zombo the Clown)

Chad Savage is the man behind and has been supplying visual art & design for the gothic, horror & haunted attraction communities for many, many years.

He is the designer-in-residence for; He designed and maintains the web sites for David J. Schow & Poppy Z. Brite; He created the characters for and designed all the eCards at He is the creator of the fonts Zombified and Cenobyte, which you've seen all over the place, whether you know it or not.

That's just for starters.

Chad is a Dark Artist's Dark Artist, and he intends to make the C10 Art Gallery a precedent-setting event. You can find him lurking about in various chat programs, LiveJournal, and a variety forums and boards...

Email Chad about the C10 Art Show at

Visit his info spots for the Art Show:
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