MAIN EVENTS (updated 04/18/2004)

OFFICIAL C10 BANDS (updated 03/02/2004)
OFFICIAL C10 DJS (updated 03/02/2004)
OFFICIAL C10 FASHION SHOW (updated 04/12/2004)
OFFICIAL C10 ART EXHIBIT (updated 04/12/2004)
OFFICIAL C10 VENDORS (04/15/2004)

DAYTIME EVENTS (updated 04/12/2004)
PRE and POST EVENTS (updated 04/16/2004)


The Convergence 10 committee is pleased to announce that decorated "Goth Buses" will be available for point to point transportation between the main hotel and the venue (Metro) for all evening events. Three buses with a rider capacity of over 400 people/hour will be on hand for convenient transportation. The five mile ride along scenic Lake Shore Drive takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

The buses will be operating on a fixed schedule, which will be posted on the C10 website and printed in the booklet, minimizing wait times.

Pick up/drop off at the Hotel will be right outside the Hospitality Room window. Pick up/drop off at Metro will be in directly in front of the building.

Convergence 10 attendees have the option of purchasing an entire weekend pass for unlimited rides on the Goth Bus for $10.00, or one can buy "pay as you go" tokens for $2/ride. The passes and tokens will be available at the Meet and Greet on Friday and at the C10 stall at the vendors bazaar on both Saturday and Sunday.


During C10 weekend, one half of the balcony at Metro will be designated non-smoking. Obviously, smoke can travel up there from other parts of the venue, but smoking will not be allowed in that one section.


(Begin) 8:00p.m. @Metro (18+)
(DJ) Voodoo
(DJ) Scary Lady Sarah
Dante & Cherish of Dante's Voodoo Cabaret and Chicago Burlesque and Vaudeville (music and burlesque)
      Dante's Voodoo Cabaret is playing at Morseland on Thursday May 20th
(DJ) Mark Splatter
(band) Arch Visceral Parlor
(DJ in between bands) Mark Splatter
(band) Frank the Baptist
(DJ in between bands) Mark Splatter
(band) Goteki
(DJ) Lucy*Fur
(DJ) Krztov
(End) 3:45a.m.


(Begin) 8:00p.m. @Metro (18+)
(DJ) Rickbats
(band) Manuskript
(DJ) Joolz
(band) Passion Play
(DJ in between bands) Joolz
(band) black tape for a blue girl
(DJ in between bands) Joolz
(band) The Brides
(DJ) Mange
(DJ) Cypher
(DJ) K-Y
(End) 4:45a.m.


(Begin) 9:00p.m. @Metro (18+)
(DJ) Ferret
(DJ) St. Germain
(performance) Fashion Show
(DJ) Eurotic
(DJ) Fross
(DJ) ZoZo
(End) 3:45a.m.

PRE PARTY: THURSDAY, MAY 6 10p.m. (21+)

UnOfficial Convergence 10 Pre-Party ~ Come to Our "VISION THING"!
**not included in C10 ticket price

Kick off your Convergence 10 weekend with the official pre-party! The C10 committee invites you to a night of dancing, drinking, socializing (& it's an extra night to get a head start on your C10 plans & meeting up with fellow C10 attendees!)

Join our fun all-Chicago cast of DJs- (CarrieMonster, DJ $#&@!, Chilliwinters, MisterEntropy, Gremlin, Scary Lady Sarah)- on Thursday, 6 May, 2004 at Vision, 633 N. Dearborn, Chicago 10p.m. - 4a.m. 21+. The cover charge is only $5.00 and ALL profits are being donated to Chicago's longest running no-kill cat shelter Tree House Animal Foundation!
Visit Tree House on the web:

Also Featuring: Fabulous Fetish Fashion Show and give-aways presented by Black Market Chicago! (

POST C10 BRUNCH: MONDAY, MAY 10 noonish (all ages)

UnOfficial C10 Brunch @ Ann Sathers
**not included in C10 ticket price

929 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657-4473
At this Swedish diner the gigantic cinnamon rolls are legendary-- homestyle breakfast is served all day

POST PARTY: MONDAY, MAY 10 10p.m. (21+)

UnOfficial Post Party at Berlin Nightclub (no cover and $2 rolling rocks)
**not included in C10 ticket price

Meet up at 954 W. Belmont
and Meet Boa, a legendary Chicago nightlife personality who has worked all ends of the spectrum- DJ, VJ, bartender, performer, dancer and promoter. He's proven his talents for creating a fun and festive atmosphere at various venues, having given countless Chicago nightdwellers memorable nights of clubbing. He has a knack for making all walks of life feel comfortable. "Reactv8" Mondays is Boa's latest invention, sort of a casual family affair for both service industry and the average clubgoer. Free from the high energy techno/house hustleandbustle of most nightclub events, Boa provides and unusual and amusing mix.
Berlin Nightclub


UnOfficial C10 Event: C10 Extend
Half Off Ticket Price with C10 Laminate for Nocturna @ Metro
**not included in C10 ticket price

Disclaimers & Common Sense Rules/Advice:

The organizers of, and organization known, as Convergence 10 will in no way be held responsible for:

- Any injury, damages, or loss of property sustained at any time during the festival (including all official and unofficial events.)

- The behaviour of any person, including resulting damages and/or extenuating circumstances that may affect other guests.

- The refusal of any establishment, including all Convergence 10 venues and the official Convergence 10 hotel, to provide product or service to any guest, regardless of the situation.

- Providing accommodations for any guest who arrives in Chicago without making appropriate arrangements in advance.

* Violence of any kind is absolutely unacceptable and will result in immediate expulsion from the festival premises for the remainder of the festival. No ticket refunds will be issued, and legal charges will be pressed against the offending parties where applicable.

* Security personnel at any festival venue have the right to confiscate any item they deem to be considered a "weapon" (knives, pepper spray/mace, etc.); this may include certain types & pieces of jewelry. Please use common sense and leave these items at home if you do not want to risk having them confiscated.

* All official Convergence 10 events are open to patrons 18+ years of age. You must present valid photo ID indicating date of birth (driver's license, state ID, or passport) to gain entrance into the festival's music venue (Metro) each night. Your laminate must also be presented, but that will not serve as proof of age, which is required.

* The drinking age in the state of Illinois is 21. To drink or purchase alcoholic beverages, you must be 21+ and able to prove it with legal ID; then, a Metro staff member will fit a wristband on you which will allow you to purchase alcohol in the venue. Anyone supplying alcohol to an un-wristbanded person (even if they are 21) will be ejected from the venue.

* Venue management and security reserve the right to refuse entry to any person at their own discretion. No refunds will be issued by the Convergence 10 organizers.

Please Note: The purchase of tickets/laminates for the Convergence 10 festival implies agreement with these terms and conditions.